So you’re feeling nauseous, you’ve missed your period, or you’re experiencing other common pregnancy symptoms. Maybe you’ve even taken a positive pregnancy test at home, but you want to confirm the results and figure out your next steps. You are invited to come to A Better Choice and take a pregnancy test! 

At A Better Choice, all of our services are free. You can walk in anytime Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm and all you need to bring is a photo ID if you have one. We are located at 3007 E Central Ave, Wichita KS 67214. 

What to Expect at Your Pregnancy Test 

You will be greeted by a friendly volunteer who will give you some quick paperwork to fill out in our lobby. Then, you will be called back by a female client advocate who will ask you to go to the bathroom and put a few drops of urine in a sample cup.  

You’ll be seated in one of our counseling rooms while the advocate starts the test. For the five minutes that it takes the test to run, the advocate will ask you about some important information such as your last period, your health history, your plans for prenatal care, and your biggest worries about being pregnant. 

Once the results come back positive or negative, the client advocate can suggest a few next steps to take. She might offer some advice and brochures. 

Don’t know how to apply for insurance? We can help. Worried about telling your parents? We can offer some encouragement and advice. Concerned about your boyfriend? We can help you analyze if your relationship is healthy. Considering abortion? We can give you the facts about the procedures and side effects so you can make a fully informed decision about your pregnancy. 

What’s Next? 

Your journey at A Better Choice doesn’t have to end with the pregnancy test! If you’re pregnant, you might qualify for a free limited ultrasound with us. We can also help you apply for insurance and find good prenatal care. 

If life feels a little overwhelming, you are invited to join our resource management program where Jordan can help you set goals and find resources in all areas, such as employment, housing, health, or education. She is a great coach and can meet regularly to help you take some steps in the right direction. 

Your client advocate will probably call to check in a few times throughout your pregnancy and make sure everything is going well. If any new needs arise, we’d love to help. 

Once your baby is born, you are invited to bring him or her in – we’d love to see you again and meet your precious new blessing! We give out big newborn gifts of donated items like diapers, formula, clothes, etc. 

We can help with baby items once a month if you’re ever in a tight spot after that. We understand that life happens and sometimes you need a little extra help!  

Interested in any of our free services? Call us anytime at (316) 685-5757 or walk in Monday through Friday 9am-4pm at 3007 E Central Ave, Wichita KS 67214. We can’t wait to walk with you on your journey of motherhood. 

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