“I missed my period and knew I had been raped. All I could ask was how much an abortion pill was. I was only 17. ABC gave me my first sonogram, and it was an emotional moment. I cried. I cried because I was terrified. Then they showed me the baby’s heartbeat and I cried happy tears. The beating of the heart is what changed my mind completely. At that moment I KNEW I needed this little human in my life. The first sonogram was an amazing experience, something I would never have expected in my entire life.” – Talya

Sonograms at A Better Choice

At A Better Choice, we offer free limited sonograms to qualifying clients! In order to make an appointment, all you need is a pregnancy test with us, which you can get by walking in anytime with a photo ID. Come see us at 3007 E Central Ave, Wichita KS 67214 or call (316) 685-5757. Typically, our sonographers can get good, clear pictures of your baby when you are at least 8 weeks past your last period. Our sonograms are limited, which means that we will give you an accurate due date, a chance to see your baby’s little heartbeat, and verifying the location of the fetus. You will be sent home with pictures of the new person that lives inside you! You will still need medical care, including follow up ultrasounds at your doctor’s office.

Free sonograms in Wichita are also offered at Embrace and Choices.

Sonograms from your doctor

Sonograms from your doctor are an important part of prenatal care throughout pregnancy, but can be expensive. If you do not have insurance, our counselors or Resource Management program can walk you through that process. We also have doctors that we refer our clients

Seeing your baby’s heartbeat and seeing their little face in the sonogram room can be a life changing experience. In that moment, their life becomes a more believable reality! 

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