I have been hurt by friends throughout my life, and I know I am not alone. Those experiences make it hard to trust your other friends. That past hurt can try and play a mean game in the present moment. 

Friendships Come and Go

We all have friends; some fill us up and make us feel more alive, others drain us and make us a part of their drama, and there are some in between. 

Friendships coming, going, and changing is something that will always be occurring in our lives. This can be difficult, as we all long for those people to be by our side through it all, no matter what the circumstance, and never turn their backs on us. 

The sad reality is that we do get hurt. 

People we once thought were the most amazing friends do and say things that we’d never imagine. And we can’t control this! That is nearly the hardest part; not being able to control if the people we choose to love choose to love us in return. 

So how do we ditch the drama, let go of past hurt from friends, and live a life with more authentic relationships?

Ditching the Drama

Sometimes, I tell myself the answer is never letting anyone into my life again, but that is not at all what our lives should look like. We were created to be with others! 

The only thing we can fully control in our lives is how we act and how we respond to others. 

When others want to drag us into their drama, we have to remember that they are out of our control. Our job is to shut down the negative forces in our life and ditch the drama. 

Ditching the drama is the way to freedom in friendships! If you refuse to let your life be consumed by drama, you will attract quality friends who want what’s best for you, instead of wanting what is best for them. 

Breaking a cycle of bad friends, or even not good romantic relationships, can be difficult. Letting go and learning to trust again is no easy feat, but it is possible. 

We have to try and rewire our brains to trust again. 

The way we think about ourselves impacts our thoughts, so if we try to speak truth into who we are, in our minds, we can grow. “Yes, this person treated me this way, but that is on them, that says nothing about who I am.” “Even though that person treated me like I wasn’t worth much to them, I know in my heart that I am worthy of so much love and good friendships.”

Steps You Can Take

Maybe you have to purge the lists of people you follow on social media, delete some phone numbers, or put some distance between some people; do what you have to do to create a better life for yourself! There is no shame in that. I stand with you. We will do it together. 

Want to talk more? Walk in anytime Monday-Friday 9am-4pm at 3007 E Central Ave, Wichita KS 67214. You can also call us at (316) 685-5757 or contact us right here on the website. Our staff has years of experience and wisdom. We can help you talk through any worries you have about friendships or relationships. We also have free pregnancy tests, sonograms, and baby items while you’re here. We just want to help to make your life easier, however we can.

Today, just take one step in the right direction. You’ve got this.

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