As women, the world tells us a multitude of things we should do, how we should act, and where to find our worth and identity. The truth is, the world is constantly changing. It is so hard to keep up with what the world is telling us to do and who to be! 

Anyone who wants to live a happy life should place their identity in things that are not of the world. We shouldn’t be finding our worth in our social media profiles, what our drama centered friends say about us, or what our partner says we are worthy of. You, reading this right now, are worth more than anything this world will ever hold. 

Your worth is permanent.

Our value and worth as women is not something we can earn or improve. It just simply exists. Even if we do everything that someone asks of us and make sure they are always happy with us, our worth does not change. It exists no matter what our past looks like or the things we think are too terrible to tell someone about or the deep hurt that others have caused you. Our worth will never leave, even if the person you love tells you otherwise. Our worth will never leave even if we cannot please everyone in our life or meet the expectations that others hold for us.

Your worth exists outside your relationship.

Our lives are filled with relationships, and they all look different. While those relationships are essential to our lives, they do not define who we are! What does matter is what our relationships are built upon. If they are built upon superficial things like money, status, or just not wanting to be alone, it won’t last. If they are built on trust, communication, and compassion, there is probably a bright future ahead. To every woman who has felt like you were only as good as your relationship was, you are not alone. But to those same women, your life is not a reflection of the romantic relationship in your life. 

Let others help you rediscover your worth.

If you are discontent with a relationship in your life, but feel as if it would be too hard to leave and find a better life, seek out counseling. There is no shame in needing to talk with someone who isn’t entangled in your everyday life. The strongest people are those who find help and know that there are greater things in store than the present situation. Feel empowered to advocate for yourself and your individual and unique needs. 

If you want to talk with someone confidentially and without judgement, our client advocates at A Better Choice can offer a listening ear and good advice. If you are interested in professional counseling, we can help you find an affordable counselor who can help you make positive steps in knowing your timeless, permanent, infinite worth. Call us today at (316) 685-5757 or visit us at 3007 E Central, Wichita KS 67214.

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