1. Breathe 

Maybe you’re excited, or maybe you’re devastated. Most likely, you’re a mix of all sorts of emotions. That’s okay – this is huge news! Take a minute with yourself. Take deep, slow breaths. Ask yourself “what am I feeling right now?” and allow yourself to feel those emotions. Shed a few tears. Take a walk or a nap. Check in with your body and your heart and remind yourself that everything will be OK. 

2. Make some appointments 

Need to confirm your home pregnancy test? Our pregnancy tests at A Better Choice are completely free and can give you some extra peace of mind. We can help you find a due date by free sonogram if you’re unsure of your last period. If you don’t have insurance, start your application (you can call us for help with that, too.)  

The most important thing you can do is schedule a doctor’s appointment for prenatal care. Your doctor will confirm your pregnancy and due date and will do some bloodwork and physical exams to make sure that your pregnancy is as healthy as it can be. Sometimes, it takes a few weeks to get approved for insurance and get on a doctor’s schedule – so the sooner you call, the better! Need a recommendation for a doctor? We can provide one.

If you have questions about adoption or abortion, we would be happy to talk with you about your situation and what the realities of parenting, adoption, and abortion will look like in your life. We can help you to make a fully informed decision. 

3. Take care of yourself 

If you smoke, drink alcohol, or use any other drugs, do your best to stop those activities as soon as possible. They can be harmful to your baby, so it’s best to stop as soon as possible. 

Drink lots of water and take prenatal vitamins. Your body is growing a new human, so it has extra nutritional needs that you may not be used to! Drinking water constantly and taking a daily prenatal will help both you and your baby to stay strong and healthy. We provide free prenatal vitamins at A Better Choice. 

For more about staying healthy while you’re pregnant, read these common topics

4. Share 

Now you get to announce this new life to the world! If you haven’t told the baby’s father yet, it’s important to let him know so he can start preparing for his new journey of fatherhood. You may also want to tell close family and friends who can celebrate with you and offer good support. 

Sometimes, the people closest to you may not be excited for you. They might be angry or disappointed. Think ahead about how they may react and think of a way to tell them when they are in a good mood and will respond best. Keep in mind that pregnancy can be a shock to everyone, just like it was to you. Sometimes people need a few days, weeks, or months to become supportive. It’s okay to make some space away from people who react badly. Give them time to process. Once they see your baby’s sweet face, they will be in love! 

We have resources and advice at A Better Choice for fathers and grandparents – especially those who may not be supportive at first. 

5. Learn 

Modern science is amazing – we have discovered so much about life before birth. Did you know that all your baby’s DNA is present at the moment of conception? That his heart will start beating when you are only 5 weeks pregnant? That her fingernails start growing at just 12 weeks? The miracle of life is beautiful – you can learn and follow along with how your baby is growing. Our favorite pregnancy app is called See Baby Pregnancy Guide – it’s free, and it has real videos of babies growing in the womb. 

6. Plan 

Now that the shock has worn off and you are all set with your appointments, healthy habits, and sharing the good news, it’s a good idea to make some goals for the next few months. Do you want to move into a new house? Get a degree? Talk seriously about your future with your baby’s father? Get back into the habit of going to church? You have several months before the baby comes – pick one thing that will lead to an even better life for you and your child.

Also think about what your life will look life after the baby arrives. Will you need different hours at work? Childcare? A carseat and a crib? Start making a list of all the things your baby will need and get them all set up before the birth. You’ll thank yourself later!  

Our resource management program is a great tool available to you if you have a lot of goals or particular needs. Our staff member Jordan will help you identify your biggest needs and walk with you as you take small steps to achieve your goals. She can connect you with other places in town that will also be great resources for you. The program is free and its one goal is to help YOU.

If we at A Better Choice can walk with you at any point on your pregnancy journey, please give us a call at (316) 685-5757. Whether it’s a pregnancy test and sonogram, a doctor or insurance referral, a plan to tell your loved ones, help with baby items, or accountability in reaching your goals – we would be honored to be there for you. That’s why we’re here.

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