One of our favorite free services to offer you is a limited sonogram. At your first pregnancy test at A Better Choice, your client advocate will determine if you qualify for a sonogram based on your needs and our availability. What can you expect from your limited sonogram at A Better Choice?

Limited Sonogram

Our sonograms are different than a doctor’s sonogram, and aren’t meant to replace the necessary prenatal care that you need from a medical clinic. However, ours can be a good option if you don’t know your due date, don’t have health insurance yet, are in a very stressful time of life, or are considering abortion.

Our sonograms are performed by medical professionals (doctors, nurses, and sonographers) who are trained in limited ultrasound and volunteer their time here to help you. Our sonograms are mostly transabdominal (meaning they are performed on the outside of your stomach). In rare cases, we are able to provide a transvaginal sonogram if you wish.

Even if you have a sonogram here, you’ll want to make a doctor’s appointment for prenatal care as soon as you can. We can help you obtain health insurance and find a doctor’s office. Your doctor will be able to do not only an ultrasound, but things like blood work, health history, and physical exams that are just as important for the health of you and your baby!

Because our sonograms are limited, there are only three things we will diagnose, and there are a few things that we cannot diagnose. Read on to learn more about what your limited sonogram will include:

Due Date

At your pregnancy test, we will estimate your due date based on the date of your last period. But if you can’t remember your last period, or if you have irregular cycles, or if you’re on birth control or breastfeeding, we may not be able to estimate an exact due date. This is where a limited ultrasound can come in handy.

By measuring the exact size of your baby, we are able to find a more accurate due date. A more accurate due date can help you when obtaining health insurance and prenatal care.

If you are considering abortion, knowing the age of your baby will determine which types of abortion you qualify for, and as part of your sonogram we can explain the procedures and risks of the different types of abortion as you make your decision.

Location of Baby

By the time you get a limited sonogram at A Better Choice, your baby should be implanted inside your uterus. Your uterus will give it all the nutrients it needs and be your baby’s home for the next 9 months.

Sometimes, things don’t go the way they should, and your baby can implant elsewhere. If your baby implants in your fallopian tubes, also known as an ectopic pregnancy, that can be life-threatening to both you and the baby. If we do a limited ultrasound and don’t see your baby in your uterus, we will refer you to get medical care right away.

If you are considering abortion, it’s important to rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. If you have an ectopic pregnancy but still take the abortion pill, your life could still be in danger because the effects of an abortion look a lot like the effects of an ectopic pregnancy.


Your baby’s heart starts beating only 21 days after conception! At your sonogram, we can watch your baby’s heartbeat and measure its’ speed. Watching the tiny little flicker of your baby’s heart on the screen can be an amazing moment. It can bring a lot of peace to your heart!

The heartbeat isn’t the only amazing thing you can see on a limited sonogram – you might see your baby yawn, stretch, or kick if they’re awake. If they’re sleeping, they might be curled up and cozy. We will make sure you get pictures to take home as an amazing keepsake.

If for some reason we don’t see a heartbeat, your sonographer will talk with you about what that could mean. They will explain warning signs of a miscarriage and refer you to see a doctor as soon as possible. If you experience a miscarriage, we will walk with you through the process of grieving your baby’s short life. We have many resources for counseling, memory items, and spiritual support.

Doctor’s sonogram

Even if you are scheduled for a limited ultrasound at A Better Choice, you’ll want to make a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. Your doctor will want to start your appointments when you are around 12 weeks. That gives you plenty of time to be approved for insurance.

If you don’t have health insurance or a doctor in mind, we can help you obtain both of those things to make your prenatal care affordable. Many mothers are surprised at how inexpensive it can be to have a baby once they use all the resources available to them!

If finances are a concern at all to you in being pregnant or parenting a baby, our resource manager Jordan can help you get signed up for many resources in Wichita that can help you make it more affordable. We also have free baby items and prenatal vitamins that can help you during and after your pregnancy. You can do this!

What we don’t do

A limited ultrasound can diagnose due date, location of the baby, and heartbeat. That means that we can’t diagnose anything other than those three things.

If you are wanting to know the gender of your baby, that must be diagnosed by your doctor or an ultrasound location approved by your doctor. We do not diagnose gender at A Better Choice.

If you are wanting to know if anything is wrong with your baby, only a doctor’s office can tell you exactly what is wrong. If we see something that looks abnormal, we will recommend that you see a doctor as soon as possible, but we can’t diagnose if your baby has any specific problems.

 A limited sonogram at A Better Choice also does not count as adequate prenatal care. A sonogram is only part of the whole picture of you and your baby’s health. Your blood will need to be checked to see if you have a deficiency in hormones or nutrients. You need a physical exam to help you and your doctor prepare for your birth. You also need full sonograms at your doctor’s office to check on your baby’s growth and development, and diagnose things that we can’t with just a limited sonogram.

Again, if you need help getting a doctor’s appointment, we can help! Just visit us at 3007 E Central, call us at (316) 685-5757, or contact us on our website. Our job is to be the most helpful to you and your baby during and after your pregnancy. We will walk with you through your entire journey!

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