Written by Theodora T.

I first learned of A Better Choice through Facebook. I was looking for recommendations on places that assisted with pregnancies and they were listed as an option. After doing some more research and looking at reviews, I’d thought A Better Choice would be a great starting point, so I made an appointment. 

Of course, I was nervous. I was fairly young, 22 at the time, expecting my first child, and didn’t know what was in store for my future! I was scared it was going to be awkward talking to a random stranger about my pregnancy. I had taken a test at home, but wanted official confirmation, so it was a great relief when the test came back positive.  

I had an idea of what motherhood would be like, but talking to Meghan at A Better Choice helped shed some light. She was great! So personable and genuine. Not only did she provide me with great resources and prenatal vitamins, she also provided me with a comfortable experience and one that made me feel confident in my decision to enter motherhood. I’m glad I got over my initial fear. I cannot express my gratitude to those at A Better Choice. I hope they truly know that they are making a difference in the community. 

My son, Kyren, is 8 months now! Here are some pictures of the chunky little man:

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